Lightbox Control Options

We often receive questions about how our lightboxes are controlled and their compatibility with various software systems. Here are your options:

  1. Simple and Easy Option:

    • Purchase a Smart Plug for £10 to control multiple lightboxes through your smartphone or tablet.
    • Schedule on/off times and use voice commands with Alexa (see examples on our homepage).
  2. Advanced Integration:

    • Our lightboxes are compatible with most control systems. Use the provided white driver to integrate them with major systems (as shown in the image).
  3. Calibration with a Projector Screen:

    • To calibrate lightboxes in a room with a projector screen, place the darkest images nearest the screen.
    • Use the remote to adjust the brightness for each lightbox individually, starting with the one closest to the screen.
    • Pause the film on a dark scene, dim the lightbox until deep blacks are restored, then move to the next lightbox.
    • Once all lightboxes are calibrated, they will retain the set brightness when turned on and off.

For more detailed guidance, please refer to the image provided.