How to Use

See below options on how to connect / control the Lightboxes

1) Best option for fully integrated solution

2) FREE straight out the box plug and play remote

3) Minimal cost (£8) to control via smart device

 1) The Best option but the most pricey would be to use a home automation system like Crestron / Lutron and Control 4 / Rako.  If you already have this, then GREAT, it's a free install. We just wouldn't recommend going to this expense for a Lightbox.  See Smart Plug option below


Control 4    Rako

Control 4


Home Cinema Installation


2) The cheapest option is a simple plug and play. The Lightboxes come with a remote. it works via IR so although will control all with one remote, it depends how they are spread out. If wide apart, you will find it tricky to use as will need to point at each device.   See Smart Plug below



3) This option is the best for those that don't already use Creston / Control 4 automation. A smart plug is circa £8 and once the Lightboxes are plugged into one or more smart devices, ALL your Lightboxes can be controlled (on/off) via your smart phone / tablet or by asking Alexa. 

Smart PlugSmart PlugSmart PlugSmart Plug